Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides Reviews In 2020

Perhaps you don’t know what to buy for your kids this summer? Well, we have the 10 best inflatable water slides safe for entertaining your kids. These water slides are easy to set up within three minutes since they have a motor blower, thus saving your effort and time.

Moreover, they have durable material that ensures that your water slides serve your kids for a year and also with the repair kit included while purchasing to repair once damaged. For storage purposes, perhaps you are still worried about it; they come with a storage bag once you deflate it. Below are 10 best inflatable slides reviews to help you make wise decisions.

Table of the Best Inflatable Water Slides Reviews

10. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

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One of the best inflatable water slides you can go for is Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide. This is because it has a climbing wall, a curve slide to come down, and a large splash pool. It has all the features you would be looking for in an inflatable water park. Purchase this one, and it would be a perfect inflatable water slide in your backyard.

Besides, the blower runs a heavy duty to ensure consistent airflow while the kids are having fun around. Also, have a slippery slide that keeps proper movement, and in the end, it got gentle curves for fun riding. Still, the construction materials of it are puncture-resistant to prevent any damage and high maintenances


  • Inflation basketball hoop and a ball
  • Accessible entrance and exit because of a step down inside the wall
  • Easy for storage since it compactly folds easily
  • Comes along with accessories
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9. Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Bounce and Slide Water Park

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If you are looking for an inflatable water slide for your large area for your kids, then this pirate bay is the best for you. It accommodates a maximum of five kids comfortably, thus suitable for a summer day and any parties at your home. This inflatable water slide crafts out of commercial-grade vinyl, which is highly durable for more prolonged use.

Besides, this pirate bay has a slippery slide for smooth and proper movement, while the large splash pool is another great feature for landing when the kids slide. At the landing area, there are two water cannons perfect for refreshments and water fights. This pirate bay is one of the most top-selling and used by so many people in the market.

Moreover, it has water slides with sprinkles to reduce friction burn while your kids are bouncing and cooling off. It comes with another great advantage since the splash pool comes with an adult inflatable chair to supervise your kids while playing.


  • High-quality vinyl for durability and puncture resistance
  • Water slide sprinklers to avoid abrasion
  • Blower motor for airflow
  • Easy to inflate in less than 2 minutes
  • Safe slide heights

8. Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park- Climbing Wall, Two Slides & Splash Pool

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Do you want to keep your kids entertained this summer and cool them off? Well, this is the best choice since it has 3 splashing features which keep your kids and their friends entertained all long and can play a variety of water activities like a water fight, dancing and playing with a ball.

Additionally, it’s constructed with durable and puncture-proof due to strong synthetic fabric for long-lasting use. Its design is a versatile slide park that keeps children entertained all through. Moreover, it has included bump air for speedy installation and uses immediately. Create memories of the family with this entertaining water slide.


  • Maximum strength thus stitching reinforcement
  • Quick and effortless since it has electric blower for inflation
  • Durable and puncture resistance
  • Saves time and money when you have it at your backyard

7. BANZAI Hydro Blast Water Park

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Summer is heating up, and kids need entertainment as they grow. Here we have the best inflatable water slides for your kids since an inflation basketball hoop and a ball,2 water cannons to keep your kids entertained. Besides, this hydro blast water park has 2 water sprinklers at the splash pool to reduce friction while the kids are bouncing around.

Also, it has three slides in total, which are slightly slippery for proper movement and enhancing dual racing competition and the curved edges to keep the kids entertained. More thanks to this heavy Dura tech construction, which prevents deflation and damage while kids are still bouncing in it? Security is number one for your kids; thus, no need to worry.


  • Speedy inflation in less than 3 minutes because of motor blower
  • Large splash pool
  • 3 sided lanes and curved slides
  • Made of heavy Dura tech
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6. MEIOUKA Kids Inflatable Bounce House Castle Slide

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Make the best memories for your kids by gifting them with this perfect inflatable bounce house castle side. These Bounce Houses are made of Oxford cloth 420D and reinforced with 800 D Oxford cloth, which has a strong structure and anti-piercing, on climbing and bounding surfaces.

It has multipurpose use, which is of great importance since it has a jumping house, water gun for splashing on each other, a water slide, and a pool. A variety of games in this bouncing house castle keeps the kids active since they could play hide and seek, bounce on it, water fights, and sliding. Besides, its rocket design and rainbow color attract kids, thus making kids play for hours, which is health-wise. It features black nets that ensure children are safe by preventing them from falling.


  • Have Stakes to withstand the weight of the kids while bouncing firmly.
  • used for both indoor and outdoor activities for both summer and winter seasons
  • Durable thus long-lasting
  • Enclosed walls to prevent kids from falling

5. BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash Park Inflatable Outdoor Kids Water Park Play Center with Blower

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If you want your kids to stay cool all day, then this is the perfect inflatable for them. This is because it has sprayers at the top of the slide to keep a smooth slide while the extra shower sprinkler top adds the fun of coolness in the sun.

Your kids will have fun all day since the activities are many like climbing, sliding and splashing. Moreover, the padded lining gives comfort and safety while they are having fun around.


  • Durable construction hence entertainment lasts for years
  • Suitable for kids of 5 years since it’s oversized.
  • Speedy inflation since it has a blower motor

4. Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer

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Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer is crafted out of 420D Oxford puncture resistance materials, which prevent damage while it’s reinforced with 840D Oxford to provide strength while bouncing. Its durability is suitable for 3-4 kids playing there.

This slide bouncer has a tall mesh wall that prevents your kids from falling and keeps the children active and safe. They also allow ventilation since the flow of air circulates while the kids are jumping.


  • Protected with mesh for security and easy view of every action kids are doing.
  • Durable for longer use
  • Designed on the top slide of water for the slippery sliding surface
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3. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

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This is the perfect slide if you are looking for one that would handle the considerable weight and more activities. This is the ideal water slide for them. Besides, it has a bucket on top, which pours water on the kids while they climb, making it more fun for them.

The design of this water slide is to help the parent see every single action happening. The bounce house on top acts as a sitting place for rest as well as a race to the two slides, which leads to the splash pool. The bouncer has stakes to withstand the weight of children and prevent it from falling.


  • Have a repair kit and a storage bag
  • Maximum capacity of 4 kids
  • Durable
  • Have a heavy duty blower for easy inflation.

2. Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park – climbing wall, slide, bouncer and splash pool

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Save Time and Money with Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park since with it; your kids will enjoy all the fun features like wall climbing, bouncing, toss rings, water sliding, and water splashing down the pool. With it, all your kids will stay entertained and active all day long. Moreover, it’s crafted with high-quality materials which are durable, fabric damage proof which prevents damage when your kids are busy doing the activities


  • Speedy installation since it has an electric air pump
  • Durable
  • Has electric blower
  • Reinforced stitching thus maximum strength

1. Sportspower Double Slide and Bounce Inflatable Water Slide

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Make sure this summer you have shopped Sportspower Double Slide and Bounce Inflatable Water Slide for your kids to enjoy. These water slides have durable and puncture-resistant materials to make it serve you longer. The bounce houses have two water slides that surround them and lead to a splash pool for kids to have fun there. With safety, these water slides meet the standards since kits set with anchors to increase stability.


  • It is suitable 3-8 years kids
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • PVC coating to make it robust and strong


In conclusion, safety is number one for your kids, and that is why we have ensured that these inflatable water slides meet the standards of security for your kids, which are a guarantee. Purchase the best water slide this summer since we have the best that wins in the market. Pick one from the 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides Reviews.

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